Core Principles

  • A Safe, Wholesome Community Protected for Everyone

Griffin Georgia Stream Cleanup - Mayor Doug HollbergI have pushed for stricter property maintenance codes to ensure quality neighborhood redevelopment. This past decade, the city has created redevelopment opportunities in our hometown by working to demolish more than 1000 substandard housing units. Community Policing initiatives are needed to reduce Part 1 Crime. Emphasis on code enforcement is giving our neighborhoods the kind of community you expect and deserve. Our Commission continues to work together on parks and pathways that bring our neighborhoods together. You deserve a hometown where you can live, learn, work, play, and retire.

  • Pro-Economic Development

Doug Hollberg Rinnai Grand Opening Griffin GeorgiaOur local governments have aggressively planned for future economic development to include industrial land acquisition, transportation improvement projects, airport relocation, quality housing/land use planning, and support of higher education. Safe, reliable and affordable public utilities, economic incentives and an educated workforce are mandatory in recruiting business investment. I believe in smart growth development and will continue to fight to keep out undesired growth that becomes a tax drain and liability to our hometown.

  • Cross-Governmental Cooperation

Doug Hollberg Cross Government CooperationAs a local diplomat, I am comfortable wading across local municipal lines to advocate and achieve what is best for the overall Griffin-Spalding Community. I have worked to eliminate the very counter-productive, negative competitive relationship between Griffin and Spalding County Commissions. My pledge is to remain an effective, diplomat for the needs of the constituents I serve.

You deserve a hometown where you can live, learn, work, play, and retire.
Doug Hollberg

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